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What Ideal Protein Clients are Saying

First, Thank you for an Amazing life change. Your patience, understanding, time, encouragement have made it fun. Who would have thought losing weight could be fun – and we have laughed with it. You guys are the best!

Your “Loser Friends”, Frank & Mel

I needed to lose weight to ease my back pain and more importantly keep up with my granddaughter.  The claim of losing 3 to 7 pounds a week peeked my interest.  My greatest concern was gaining the weight back but Ideal Protein improves your eating habits and puts you on track to a healthy lifestyle.  Now I feel like exercising to keep the weight off.  I was pleasantly surprised by not having cravings.  With other diets, I would crave sweets and give in to the temtations.  This is the easiest diet I have ever done.  People are amazed at how much you can eat and still lose weight if you follow the program!

Deb K.

What prompted you into the Ideal Protein Diet:   When I started a new job and had to take a DOT physical, I stepped on the scale and had my blood pressure taken.  They were both extremely too high!

What would you tell others who are considering the Ideal Protein Diet: For me, it was drastic weight loss quickly.  That is a huge confidence booster.  It makes you want to stay small and healthier.

Describe your most pleasant surprise about the diet:  It’s advertised as the last diet you’ll ever be on.  It will change your cravings and the way of thinking about eating.  They are right!

Jason B.